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Navigating Uncertainty; Targeting Sustainability
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Michaela Uloho-Okundaye

High school student researcher - Climate Action Lab powered by Let’s Talk Science
Michaela Uloho-Okundaye is currently a high school student in Ontario, Canada. She is an individual who loves taking part in a myriad of projects and organizations; one of the most notable being the Let’s Talk Science: Climate action Lab! At school, she involves herself in numerous extracurriculars, whether it be basketball, debating, her local outreach society, or volunteering her time to tutor students in science/mathematics. She is also the proud co-owner of the organization The Winnipeg Black Renaissance; an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting black owned businesses in Canada. Her love of benevolence has led her to organize many fundraisers and volunteer her time with non-profit organizations. Her fields of interest include biochemistry, physical sciences, neurology, and biological sciences. She is a strong advocate for STEM and encourages those around her to participate in this field. In her opinion, a broad understanding of the field of STEM is not only beneficial, but essential. In the future she aspires to continue in her pursuit of advocacy for climate action and social justice.